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USP of our Treatment

On-Going Coaching

After taking into account individual genetic characteristics, our organization chalks out a plan matching with DNA of individuals and then to work for 6 or 12 months, as the particular case may require, to bring the patient to next level of treatment of advanced blood work, bio metric tracking and personalized coaching.


Teaching the cookie-cutter approach for discovering the particular personal health style so that the patient is made to think more clearly and to be his most original at the same time. This is the crucial approach and the proven technique of Genetic based holistic healthcare and cure that our organization press into service of patients.

Science Based

We provide the next generation approach today in the modern times of 21st century one will find it here at Enrich DNA where holistic genetic treatment is made available and which has stood the test of time in terms of proven successful results out of this special and unique genetic based technique.


Many patients are tired of mainstream doctors treating them in the routine manner and methodology commonly in use and which takes cognizance of patients’ symptoms alone and this is not enough for complete cure. So therefore, it is high time to take recourse to the genetic based holistic technique of cure at Enrich DNA which unmistakably takes control over the root cause of the disease.

Welcome to the Genetic Science of inner being.

Enrich DNA offers next Generation approach for providing holistic Genetic treatment.

Meet Dr. Ravi Wairagade, Genetic Expert & Health Coach

The founder Dr Ravi Wairagade is a trained Professional on Epigenetics that is the branch of science which explains how one’s genes change expression in response to the things one does and experiences.

In his 23 years of Clinical experience of treating Genetic, Chronic, Incurable, Critical & Hopeless diseases it was found that very few doctors try to cure the patients, all just try to control and relieve the symptoms. Among those who try to cure only give medicines. Either will not work because every patient has a different need. Hence at ADVANCED HOMOEO CLINIC & HOSPITAL we elevated the healthcare to new global heights. We treat by Genetics based Medicines+ Mind Management+ Lifestyle Modifications+ Mental reprogramming+ Health Retreat+ DETOX+ Personalized Diet planning+ Psychotherapy and Counselling whenever needed (very important as majority modern diseases are Psycho-Somatic). These amazing combinations proved to be the globally best HOLISTIC TREATMENT-RETREAT PACKAGE leading to more than Amazing Results.

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Our Genetic Service & Testing

Genetic services are provisions to diagnose and advise individuals with risk factors for genetic disorders. Individuals with family members who have such disorders are often at risk of developing the disorder themselves. Our Genetic services include genetic testing and genetic counselling. Patient education often has a prominent role.

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Training programs conducted by Enrich DNA.

To achieve our goal of Healthy Individuals and Society we conduct the following training programs regularly.

Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills

Life Skills Coaching

A startup or start-up is started by individual founders or entrepreneurs to search for a repeatable and business model.

Healthy Life Workshop


Healthy Life Workshop

Our Healthy Lifestyle Coaching is a no-nonsense, practical, simple, efficient and effective coaching program designed for you.

Effective Parenting Workshop


Effective Parenting Workshop

Our training program provides practical techniques to deal effectively with children.

Success Coaching Workshop


Success Coaching Workshop

Invest in yourself, invest in your success. Our workshops cover time management, academic skills, and goal setting topics.

Corporate Productivity Workshop


Corporate Productivity Workshop

Our workshop is designed to help managers at any level to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

Leadership Training Workshop


Leadership Training Workshop

This training course is an interactive workshop that addresses the fundamental skills of leadership and taught in an instructor-led format.


Real people, Real testimonials. Hear from our satisfied Patients.

Immense thanks to Ravi sir, you and entire team members from my bottom of ❤💕. It’s like my rebirth and life transformation. Full of changes in my mind and attitude. Please bless me and guide me with your suggestions. Words are so small to express my gratitude to RAVI sir 🙏 🙏. Please convey this and pass this message to RAVI sir

Radhika Mannava
Radhika Mannava
Cancer Survivor

I am fortunate to be one of Dr. Ravi Wairagade’s patients. He is the fifth doctor I saw on my journey to getting properly diagnosed and treated — there will not be a sixth! In addition to his incredible understanding of DNA Diagnosis, he is kind, thoughtful and patient. Thanks to his insight and care, I have been symptom-free and feeling like myself again for the past five years.

Sushil Singh
General Health

I didn’t expect, a total disappearance of stomach issues I had dealt with every day of my life! Obviously, this is a way of eating that is optimal for me. I also was diagnosed 10 years ago with a very high resting heart rate but was never told anything to do about it! I just know it is extremely high for as much as I exercise. After the first 8 weeks with these results, my resting heart rate has gone down almost 30 points. So, I am a believer for sure! This has changed so many areas of my life! Full credit goes to Dr. Ravi Wairagade.

Anand Mohan
Stomach Issue

Need for Genetic Counselling & Testing

We are the product of our DNA

  • Pretty Simple… Isn’t it?
  • Our Mental make up & physical structure also depend on DNA & GENES
  • Our decision making ability plus many basic characters depend on our DNA plus contributed by some learnings & experiences.

DNA-GENES decides all in Life

  • Our emotional & practical tendencies depend on our DNA & Genetic inheritances.
  • Our food choices, hobbies, many habits & way of thinking depends much on DNA
  • Our Success & Failures , Happiness & Miseries also depend a lot on DNA’s.

DNA decides Health& Disease

  • It gives tendencies to some diseases so that we get different diseases & health issues even in similar situations .
  • Diseases also need internal tendency to happen. So it cannot happen without a compromised DNA & polluted Gene.
  • It affects even most simple & complex areas concerning human wellbeing.

If DNA is so Important....

  • Let’s Enrich your DNA.
  • Let’s Nurture Your Genes.
  • Let’s make you awesome from your DNA.
  • Enrich DNA will help you in finding transformational and permanent solutions for your problems.
  • We identify the faulty gene and it can be replaced with a healthy strand.

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