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Enrich DNA offerings

Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to talk with a Genetic guide?

A genetic advisor can assist you with understanding your alternatives with acquired hazard and furnish you with the information to settle on educated choices about your family’s wellbeing.

An individual meeting custom fitted to your requirements, to examine Genetic hazard, testing alternatives as proper, and be a wellspring of help giving important data to help control you the correct way. Our recommendations are delivered free from bias.

The following areas will be discussed from the comfort of your home via video or phone or at the Clinic:



Our instructors will clarify the dangers, advantages, and impediments of Genetic tests accessible for you to all the more likely explore and settle on an educated choice. We can likewise furnish you with instruction and backing for dealing with the consequences of tests performed by your doctor or through online organizations.



In the event that you have a family ancestry of a known or suspected acquired issue, your advisor will assess your family ancestry and survey the dangers to your wellbeing and examine testing alternatives that you might need to consider.



In the event that you are pregnant or arranging a pregnancy, a Genetic instructor can assist you with understanding the wellbeing dangers and Genetic testing accessible to you. A Genetic expert will evaluate your family clinical history and talk about the choices to more readily oversee chance. Your expert will likewise offer help and data to assist you with making an arrangement that is fitting for your family.

The Genetic advisor won’t reveal data about you without your composed assent. Genetic guiding sessions are private and classified.


What number of Negative Variants Do We Have?

We all have at least 5 conceivably harming transformations which when communicated can show awkwardness and brokenness. The empowering news is that science has as of late found that the declaration of dangerous changes can be actually “killed” through right nourishment (Nutrigenomics), along these lines permitting your psyche and body to work at its best; and your DNA to genuinely be communicated to its maximum capacity!

As it were, the point at which your body’s biochemical basic needs are completely upheld, at that point supplemental modalities and work you are doing to keep up or potentially grow your brain and body, are all the more completely coordinated. What’s more, you have a superior possibility of achievement!

It’s proportionate to building a house on basically stable balance that is fortified as opposed to on a split establishment which will definitely create issues not far off.

It is not necessarily the case that any change doesn’t take duty and work so as to accomplish it. Be that as it may, this can give a strong biochemical establishment to progress!


In what manner will Genetic Coaching Support Me?

Genetic instructing will support you:

  • Addition clearness on your general wellbeing objectives which incorporates mental, enthusiastic, physical and otherworldly viewpoints.
  • Breakthrough passionate epigenetic boundaries and examples that were made during youth that keep you from your latent capacity.
  • Get and get information on your crude Genetic information. Your Genes don’t change: Its declaration does!
  • Have a comprehension of transformations or imperfections in your Genetic qualities and methylation cycle that influence your capacity to detox poisons and substantial metals; adjust to pressure and passionate/mental stressors; support solid vitality levels; and keep up sound capacity of body frameworks including insusceptibility and endocrine capacities (hormones).
  • Realize what homozygous and additionally heterozygous variations are available. Heterozygous variations make a 30% diminishing in catalyst action. Homozygous make a 70% decrease in decline movement!
  • Build up a natural, customized basic enhancement bolster plan that will deliver long lasting and groundbreaking outcomes.
  • Achieve knowledge on your general health and hazard factors outside of way of life and ecological parameters. Also, perceive how Genetic elements can increment or diminishing your own hazard factor.


What are the Benefits of Genetic Coaching?

  • Here are only a portion of the advantages!
  • Leave the declaration of negative variation transformations speechless!
  • Keep up solid psyche and body frameworks and upgrade their capacity.
  • Leap forward negative epigenetic designs that have shielded you from understanding your latent capacity and dreams.
  • Get knowledge on “secret ailment” and the Genetic qualities and epigenetics that perhaps adding to it.
  • Information is power, accordingly you will be progressively positive about settling on choices about your wellbeing, wellness and prosperity, which will permit you to take your way to health to the following level now and later on.
  • Engage yourself to be your own proactive wellbeing advocate. Put resources into yourself and your future.
  • Addition understanding on your family ancestry for you and ages to come.
  • Free yourself from dread of the obscure and future with respect to your wellbeing; and limit “shock” factors.
  • Quit tossing darts at the dart board and realize your dietary enhancement holes that you were brought into the world with. Fill those holes with strong wholesome that by and by bolsters you.
  • Open your Genetic Potential! And the sky is the limit from there!


Genetic Coaching Requires Genetic Testing

How would I Get Started with Genetic Testing?

You can visit our center at Nandanvan

This one-time test will give all the crude information that you will requirement for dna methylation investigation. The ancestory testing alone gave by different organizations won’t give the crude information that is required to bring into other dna investigation projects to assess dna changes and methylation variations; and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

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