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Smart Parenting Workshop

Our counseling services provides techniques to deal effectively with children.

We love our kids, but the truth is sometimes it feels like we lose our cool and they just can’t hear us. Sometimes we avoid tough conversations because we just know the emotional tidal wave will follow. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start. Parenting matters. Let’s talk about it.

Our Training includes tips on parenting effectively with dialectical behavioral therapy, a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that aims to identify and change negative thinking patterns while promoting positive behavioral changes.

Sensible and reasonable parenting techniques demand for manners and etiquette that should be learned by children positively and convincingly. It is a well known fact that now children are more sharp and active as compared to the old generation. Former and outdated parenting tips and strategies have proved futile when applied on the new generation. Old parenting myths are no more valid and effective on children now. For this purpose certain valuable and effective parenting strategies should be adopted by the parents to get positive influence over their children. Old fashioned parenting methods should be abolished and given up now because of their futility.

To empower the behavior of the children, parents need to apply certain parenting tips in order to grow them up with good manners. Appropriate behavior and proper training on learning the social etiquette nicely is all about parenting tips. Some effective parenting methods on well-mannered children forms the part of out training. Following and then properly executing these solutions will prove helpful for those parents who crave to know about parenting tips and methods.

Workshop Content

  • Preparing Children Sexually

Raising a happy, high self-esteem Child

Raising a THINKER

Raising a successful child

Disciplining strategies 

Developing Child’s Intelligence Recognizing

Understanding emotional needs of a child

 Understanding Motivation 

8 laws of raising

 Alternatives to punishment

 Building confidence

 Maximizing quality time

 Beliefs & intentions

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