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Our Director: Dr. Ravi Wairagade

“Mental Health is not destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going”.

Brief Introduction of Dr. Ravi Wairagade

  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Advanced Genetic Health Transformation Expert
  • Internationally acknowledged and acclaimed medical Professional who is proponent of the unique process of reversal and cure of diseases by working on genetic, mental and root cause level.
  • Author (upcoming book ‘Medicines Can Kill. Are You Safe?’)
  • Genetic Health and Mind Expert
  • 23 years of rich experience in root cause treatment of genetic, incurable, critical diseases.
  • Awarded for

          ‘Best Innovation in Global Healthcare’.

           Gyan Gaurav Puraskar

           Many Gold Medals

  • Trained in highest level of Human Mind Technology of unleashing human potential.
  • Appreciated and acclaimed as excellent trainer by Dubai Real Estate giant ‘Billion Bricks’.
  • Director at Enrich DNA LLP.

About Dr. Ravi Wairagade

In this jungle of life, surrounded by enemies—- dieses, poverty, suffering, bad habits, and wrong desires—- there are so many rules to be observed that life becomes intolerable when you try to keep them all in mind. You tire of them because each department of life is limitless in its potential for diversity. When you attempt to apply health rules you are nearly overwhelmed—— there is no time to think about anything else! And everyone has a different set of health precepts for you to follow. We are under a great hypnosis. Hence after trying different methods, the truths that dawns on everyone is: “Mind controls the effectiveness of them all’

In the backdrop of the balancing and harmonizing various methods of healing, as mentioned above, it is striking to note that Dr. Ravi Vairagade, basically a Homoeopath himself, has evolved a unique healing process of reversal and cure of diseases by working on Genetic, Mental, and Root Cause level.

Dr. Ravi Vairagade is in essence a Social Entrepreneur in the world of medical profession, devoted and dedicated for the Noble cause of lovingly helping to change lives of his patients by way of right health care, especially for those with incurable, genetic, critical and tough illness. All his Noble efforts are guided by the moral principle: “ If you serve right things, you automatically deserves the right to earn”. Dr. Vairagade advocates advanced genetic holistic health care and exhorts others in the medical profession to join the Millionnaire Club with Advanced Health to deliver world class genetic health care with assured more ethical earning. Dr. Vairagade besides being a social entrepreneur is Advanced Genetic Health Transformation Expert, proudly announces and pronounces to be word’s sole provider of complete 360root cause treatment for genetic, incurable, critical, and terminally ill patients and the ultimate goal is to reverse dieses and reduce medicines to make you healthy happy and safe. He rightly believes that all incurable, genetic, critical and terminally ill patients do have a right and choice to leave a healthy, happy and high-quality life.

Among the services provided by Dr. Ravi Vairagade are:

  • Genetically targeted medicines.
  • Mind gene programing.
  • Comprehensive advanced genetic-holistic solutions for all………from simple to complicated and terminally ill patients.
  • Free consultation with genetic health consultants is also made available.

It is pertinent to note that in the maze of dangerous side effects of overuse of antibiotics and allopathic medicines eg. Steroid lower immunity, painkillers causing kidney failure, death a unique healing process evolved by Dr. Ravi Vairagade ensures happy, healthy, disease free and medicine free life.

The motto ‘shift your disease in reverse gear’ has been found to be working wonders.

The short term conventional treatment fails to provide permanent long term relief and invariably entails/involves following adverse factors:

  • Relief/Surgery
  • Temporary
  • Life long sick
  • Recurrence
  • Complications
  • More diseases
  • More medicines
  • More side effects
  • Poor business/relations
  • Poor quality life

As against the above mentioned conventional short term treatment, the Advance Genetic Holistic Treatment evolved and practiced by Dr. Ravi Vairagade promises long term/permanent relief to the patients. The special features of this treatment envisages:

  • Reversal of disease and cure
  • Root cause treatment
  • Safety of life
  • Less diseases
  • Less medicines
  • Long term benefits
  • Permanent results
  • Strong immunity
  • Great quality life
  • Happy, healthy and successful life.

The patients can bank on the rich 23 years experience and expertise in root cause treatment of genetic, incurable and critical diseases even where every one else have lost hope, advanced genetics based treatment is the greatest gift to the teeming millions of the suffering humanity all over the globe. The patients can also safely and unhesitantly repose their confidence and trust on the strength of achievements and results.

Dr. Ravi Vairagade has been consistently campaigning in an organized manner to give a better awareness to the society on the importance of adopting the unique and advanced genetic holistic treatment evolved for giving long term/permanent relief/solutions to the incurable, genetic, critical and tough illnesses. It is proven that this innovative method of treatment assures happy, healthy disease free and medicine free life to the suffering patients as compared to the inevitable disadvantages involved in the conventional short term treatment as explained above.

The prominent services provided by Dr. Ravi Wairagade are:

  • Ideal Healthcare Elite Premium (IHCE) a unique blend of genetically targetted medicine with Gene-Mind reprogramming to reverse your illness and deliver world class health care.
  • Ideal Healthcare Elite Online (IHEO) Patients can avail of world class treatment at comfort of their home, delivered by expert consultants, created for special needs.
  • Gene-DNA profiling test. Decoding the genes for knowing the present hidden sensitivities, prospects of future illness, advising right precautions, right food along with latest trend of nutrigenomic counselling.
  • Personal Genetic Health Coaching. This promises transformation journey for precious individuals by means of latest human mind transformation technologies for peak achievement in health, wealth and success.


Awards and Recognition