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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Enrich DNA is a socially committed organization created with a Vision to develop the necessary change in society & Nation. We are the providers of long term, transformational and permanent solutions for individuals and corporates in areas of employee mental health, stress, medical health issues, absenteeism, enhancing productivity, increasing profits and finally skyrocketing companies growth.

Our Mission
Providing Genetic Holistic Treatment

We, at Enrich DNA, aims at nurturing your lives with all the necessary ingredient to life to make your life & DNA enriched with blossoming flowers. Your support will allow us to create a metamorphosis in the life of kids, teens, parents, women, businessmen, youth & all other segments of society with right knowledge, inculcate correct values, instil patriotism, install success & make your life worthy of achieving higher purpose of existence.

Imagine yourself at 100% 

You are the master of moments of your life; don’t be a one-horse power person!

In this jungle of life, surrounded by enemies …. Disease, poverty suffering, bad habits and wrong desires…there are so many rules to be observed that life becomes intolerable when you try to keep them all in mind. You tire of them because each department of life is limitless in its potential for diversity. When you attempt to apply health rules you are nearly overwhelmed….there is no time to think about anything else! And everyone has a different set of health precepts for you to follow. We are under a great hypnosis. As you try different methods, the truth will dawn upon you that mind controls the effectiveness of them all… and genetics play a crucial role. Here the Genetic based holistic healthcare for curing the so-called incurable diseases, is available with its proven results to rid the patients of old diseases. It is pertinent to not that the main thrust of this Medical Mission is to relieve the patient of the exorbitant monetary burden which we commonly observe in the mainstream system of medical treatment being practiced all over the world. It is in this view of the matter that the genetic based treatment is unique and people have started returning to the same and are happy for the relief they got.