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Art of Public Speaking

Workshop Content

Get Organized

  • Eliminate Fear Of Rejection
  • Practice And Prepare Extensively
  • Focus On Patterns

-Watch Yourself In The Mirror

  • Your facial expressions
  • Your gestures
  • Your body movements

-Record Yourself And Learn Your Voice

– Work On Your Breathing

– Practice Some More .

– Give Your Speech To Another Person

  • A significant other
  • Your friends
  • Your parents
  • Your dog

– Develop A Plan To Improve Your Next Speech

  • How do you think you did?
  • Are there areas you think you could have improved?
  • Did you seem stiff or make any weird facial expressions?
  • Did you use a PowerPoint to your advantage? Did it help?
  • Did you use “um” often?
  • How was your rhythm?

-Bonus Public Speaking Tip: Utilize The Powerful Speech Pause

– Training Video: The 4 Types Of Speech Pauses

– The Key Takeaways For You From This training are:

  • Use the sense pause to allow people to absorb the new information and catch up with you.
  • Use the dramatic pause to make a point stick in the listener’s minds.
  • Use an emphatic pause to emphasize an important point.

Use the sentence-completion pause to make a statement or quote a line in which everyone is familiar, then let the audience answer it for you.

Public Speaking Classes

– Lightly Exercise Before Speaking

PowerPoint Can Be Really Great, Or Really Bad

– Even Warren Buffett Had Public Speaking Anxiety At First

– Sip Water That’s Warm Or Room Temperature

– Read Eloquence In Public Speaking By Dr. Kenneth  McFarland

– Pick A Subject That You Really Care About

– Know 100 Words For Every Word That You Speak

– Focus On The Material, Not The Audience

-Relax And Forget About Your Fear Of Public Speaking

– Don’t Overthink Audience Reactions

– Avoid Talking Too Fast

– Make Your Nervous Energy Work For You

– Pay Any Price And Spend Any Amount Of Time To Speak   Well

– Meditate 5 Minutes A Day

– The Typical Compensation For A Public Speaking Event Is $4,500 To $7,500

– Have Pride In Your Work & Recognize Your Success.

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