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Garbh Sanskar

The training workshop teaches the future parents about how to visualize a desired baby and how to become good parents once baby comes into the world.

Workshop Content

  • Free Seminar
  • Two Days Work Shop

 – Know your self as a parents 

– A Tequniques of Visualization for desire baby 

– Science of baby development and  how garbhsanskar works – Garbhopnishad 

– Pregnancy Excercize, yoga, pranayam

– Pregnancy Diet according to prakruti 

– Development of baby’s right and left brain development 

– Development of 5 senses of baby 

– Garbhsamvad 

– Garbhdhyan 

– How to maintain happy marriage life 

– Importance of various music and ragas on baby development 

– Mashanumashik aahar, vihar and vichar 

– Importance of various reading on baby development 

– How to develop spirituality in baby 

– How to remove pregnancy stress and negativity 

– Antenatal care 

– Manyatao, myth analysis 

– 16 sanskar and Garbhadhan sanskar

– Garbh shloka 

– Pregnancy ergonomics 

– Prakruti parixan 

– 14 Martial CD 

– Personalised diet, activity schedule and Excersise schedule 

– Medical guidance as per need 

– Full motivational and moral support and care.

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