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How the Treatment Works


One has to know what to eat and what not to eat so as to feel light and in control… no ore wondering if coconut oil or coffee is good or bad! The experts available in our organsation are competent to take care of this aspect of nutrition for their patients suffering from diverse ailments.


Sound sleep is the key to mental good health. Hence the need for improving sleep so as to repair the body and to make feel better as soon as one gets up in the morning…even before the alarm.


We carry into effect the utility of supplementation in discovering what vitamins and minerals are needed by the body of the respective patients and to see whether more of so is needed in order to ensure the 100 % natural and organic functioning.


Exercise normally does not involve any monetary burden considering the time spent by one in doing the exercises. We recommend specific exercises to specific patients for decreasing the recovery time and for improving the gains.


At the time of initial counseling we impress upon the need for patients to protect the body from stress so that the patients can enjoy partying with friends without worrying. We believe in not just the juice cleanse but more importantly in actual science and advise the patients accordingly.